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The Albany High Times 

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Charlie Stewart ('55) mailed an article to me taken from The Rambler on Skywater    the wonderful book about Radium Springs & Casino, written by Morgan Murphy and Lamar Clifton. 

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I decided to type the article and email it to the few AHS students whose email addresses I had collected at that time, and suddenly I began to receive "memories of Radium" from several classmates.  I decided I couldn't keep those memories to myself and not share; so I began to compile them, sending them back to the email base.  Then, something else happened ... folks from other classes began to share memories of Radium and AHS - and as memories grew, so did the email base.   Keeping up with the memories to whom I had sent, who was new and needed all of them, became quite a job; so I decided to create a few AHS WebPages inside my personal website. 

That's when an incredible thing began to happen ... the WebPages reconnected and bonded students who had lost track of one another over the years ... and believe it or not, there's been a whole lot of lovin' goin' on!!!   Moreover, folks that were not necessarily friends in high school began to make new friends.  And it just keeps on growing so much so that I decided to convert the pages in my website to a completely independent website for AHS and THE ALBANY HIGH TIMES was born, which would tell of "times" past, present and future.  So here we are having fun looking back and eagerly anticipating looking forward.  

Look to your left and see the different sections featuring one of the dearest places on earth ... and now She's gone ... and we still grieve ...

Beverly Smith Herrington
Class of 1955


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