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The Making of a New Radium & Casino Painting

by Jean Weiner, Artist (Albany resident)

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008
“Right is right, even if everyone is against it, and wrong is wrong, even if everyone is for it.” Wm. Penn

From August to October, award-winning artist Jean Weiner stowed away for hours at a time in her Albany studio and crafted a watercolor composition of Dougherty County's renowned Radium Springs, one of Georgia's natural wonders. And last week, Weiner consummated the inspirational project by signing the painting and shipping it to Colson Fine Art Printing, where limited edition lithographs were produced. "My sincere hope is that I have done Radium Springs justice and that this painting will bring back fond memories to all that loved her," Weiner said. Prints numbered 1-100, known as "artist proofs," soon will begin selling for $105 from Weiner's website ( ) and from Woods Gallery in Albany. Prints numbered 101-1,000 will sell for $85. The original 16-inch x 20-inch piece sold for $1,500. "One of the principle reasons I love watercolor is because the medium can be quite challenging," Weiner said. "There is no ‘white' watercolor paint. Whites are simply the white of the paper. In watercolor, we save our whites and lights and build our darks and rich tones. "This typically requires the use of artist masking fluid, a rubber cement like supply. When applied to the paper, you then have the freedom to lay down color in all surrounding areas, knowing your white will be saved. I typically breakdown the challenges of a difficult composition by working from the background forward." These photos depict the painting's progressions and, Weiner sad, "hopefully demonstrate the logic puzzle involved."

Step 1: Develop the line drawing, used as a transfer to the 300 lb. watercolor paper.







Step 2: Paint the sky (notice the artist masking fluid in the tree line, saving the whites/boundary).
Step 3. Paint the distant pines. Lift the masking fluid exposing the saved whites. Transfer more of the drawing to the paper.
Step 4. Continue laying in trees and the background hill. Apply more masking to save more lights/boundaries.
Step 5. Time to dive in and tackle that very intricate club casino (this took me two weeks) and add color to the water.
Step 6. Begin the cement fencing.
Step 7. Finish the fencing, paint the limestone retaining structures, bring up the value of the water, and add people! SIGN!!

The people are difficult to see in that last photo. Here is a closeup that shows more detail for a few.

October 29, 2008

I am full of more exciting news and plan to write another newsletter this evening or tomorrow morning but just had to share a few highlights privately with you now:

* the original painting sold yesterday to Mr. and Mrs. Proctor Johnston here in Albany

Proctor ('54) and Pam Tyler ('55) Johnston

* I drove down to Colson Fine Art Printing this morning. My entire Radium Springs lithograph run was finished in about 15 minutes. The prints still need to be trimmed at Colson and should ship to me nearly next week. I have lots of photos from the printing run and will be sending some over in the newsletter.


I couldn't let the Thanksgiving weekend come to a close without sending a note of thanks to all of you, friends, family, and art patrons. November 2008 will go down as a month I will not soon forget. Sales of my new lithograph, "Radium Springs" began strong in late October (before I even had the prints in hand) and stayed strong all November. To date, I have sold close to 130 lithographs! I have shipped prints to NC, TX, AL, FL, VA, NV, UT, TN, IN, WA, LA, and of course, GA. In the process I have corresponded with many wonderful folks that all have one thing in common; their love and dear memories for Radium Springs. Here is what some of you have shared:

"You captured all of the details from my past memory. For someone who did not grown up there and enjoy the wonderful times that we had in our youth, you did a super job. Thank you so much for sharing your talent. My wife only went there one time and she fell in love with the picture when I opened it. She said, ‘Oh, it will go so nicely with this room (the living room) and in this place.’ She had taken down the pictures that were there looking for something to put there. Now, she has YOUR Picture! Thank you so much!" ~ Henry, NC

"The print is lovely. I can't wait to have it framed and hung. Print No. 2 is for my sister. She knows nothing about it. I can't wait to take it to her in Atlanta. Maybe after Thanksgiving. Sorry I didn't let you know right away that I had received the prints. You must have wondered about their safe arrival. Maybe on some level I was reluctant to ‘sign off’ as I have enjoyed corresponding with you." ~ Phyllis, NC

"My copy of the Radium Sprints print arrived yesterday. I was late getting home and had company coming for dinner so I ‘wouldn't’ let myself open the package because I wanted to really enjoy my first look. This morning when I was all alone I opened it and what a great feeling it was to look at the place I spent so many hours as a teenager and as a young adult. You have made it possible for me to actually look at what I had only been able to see in my memories. I know I will enjoy this for years to come and hope it will also mean something to my children when it is passed on to them. Thanks so much for letting me be one to share this and thank you for painting Radium Springs." ~ Jo Anne, FL

"Hi, - - The Radium print arrived yesterday in good order, and I thank you very much. Now to figger out how to frame it and where to hang it! Also, I was quite impressed by the excellent job of packing it for shipment. If the Titanic had been wrapped so well the iceberg would have sunk." ~ John, TX

"I received my Radium Springs print today, and it is beautiful and so well done. You painted such a beautiful image of a place so many of us Albanians past and present cherish." ~ Elizabeth, GA

"Your print arrived today and I must say it is even better than I envisioned. Great detail. How you do this with watercolors I will never know. My wall space is full but I will find a good place for your print. The easy solution is to take something down. I never mentioned it but perhaps 10-12 years ago when my mother was still living I came for a visit with the express purpose of photographing Radium. I brought my 4x5 view camera (in case you are not familiar it is one those BIG cameras where the photographer uses a dark cloth to get under while focusing). It was a nice day and I got some good transparencies of what was there. However, the place was closed, looked run down, no one was swimming, and while I made good record shots of what was there, I never captured the spirit of the place. Your print made Radium Springs look like it did about 60 years ago. I never mentioned buying the print to my wife and when she saw it today she really was impressed. She is not from Albany but had visited Radium in the 50's before we were married." ~ Gordon, GA

"Jean, I just wanted you to know that the Radium print arrived just a short while ago. It is beautiful and just like I remember it. Thank you so much for making this memory so real." ~ Harriet, AL

"Oh Jean - it is more beautiful than I ever imagined. You are one gifted woman!!! I can't thank you enough for my #55!!! I have kept it to my right on my work table next to the computer desk, and I just spin around and drink it in ... I can't imagine the talent God has given you." ~ Beverly, GA

"It came in today and it is truly fabulous. #22/1000 with certificate of authenticity and signed by Jean. I am very pleased." ~ Joe, GA

I consider myself blessed to have crossed paths with you and am truly touched by your kind words regarding my painting. My new goal for 2009 is to be more than a one hit wonder!

Greetings again,

I promise I will not make a habit of sending watercolor newsletters frequently but I couldn't wait to share this good news. Thanks to Beverly Herrington, Webmaster for the Albany High Times, word of my recently signed "Radium Springs" watercolor and soon to be released limited edition lithographs, has spread like wildfire. I have already received numerous responses and orders for this artwork. In just one day I have reserved over 20 Artist Proof prints along with several regular limited edition prints. I now know that I never fully grasped the love so many of you still hold in your hearts for Radium Springs. Here's what some of you are sharing:

"Beautiful !!! Is #1 spoken for? I’d love to buy it." ~ Charlotte, GA

"This one is sure to win some awards...and hearts !!!!" ~ Cindy, NC

"Oh my gosh!!! How fascinating!!! I am so happy you have produced such a beautiful work of art!!! You chose to paint a place that is dear to our hearts!!!" ~ Beverly Smith Herrington, GA

"Love it! You have done a lovely painting of a lovely place that is dear to my heart." ~ Phyllis, NC

"I am sure you have a huge winner here. I forwarded this to my mom. She forwarded it to many of her friends. She responded, in less than 2 hours, to say there is MUCHO interest in this piece within her circle!!! I will definitely have one of these, too." ~ Kent, GA

"I'd like to buy one of the "artist's proof" copies of your Radium Springs watercolor. Radium is of great interest to me and my family since my Grandfather, Mr. J.C. Hind, was the builder and strongly involved in the design of the resort. I have also notified numerous cuzzins here and there (the family seemingly exploded in
all directions!) and doubtless they will be in contact." ~ John, TX

"I grew up in Albany and lived there when my children were growing up. I graduated from Albany High in 1952 and all of our special events were held at Radium Springs - not to mention the summers that we spent our days there. My memories of my times at Radium Springs are some of the best of all. Please put my name on the list for one of the first prints." ~ Jo Anne, FL

"Will you let me know as soon as they are available? I need to get a couple for Christmas gifts. They are stunning. This is amazing. I have really enjoyed the journey with you." ~ Monica, GA

"The work shown on the Albany Times looks great. I spent many hours there in that 68 degree water. My wife has already found a place to hang it." ~ Henry, NC

"I would like to order one of the first 100 impressions once you have them in hand. I once lived on North Slappey Drive when Slappey Drive was a dirt road. Spent some of the happiest days of my life at beautiful Radium Springs. Was so interested in the process of creating your work that you shared." ~ Susan, VA

"I would love to purchase one of the first 100 prints of your Radium Springs lithograph. I was born in 1936 and grew up and swam in Radium Springs until I left Albany in the early 60's. My father's family were early settlers in the area and swam in the springs all their lives, also. I not only have my memories but also the memories of his and his brothers and father's exploits in the springs, particularly diving from the TOP of the tower and from the balustrade across the lower platform into the spring, which I did also as a teenager (it later was forbidden-may have been when I did it, but there were many of us who did it anyway-certainly not as dangerous as what I hear teenage students I teach experimenting with). Please advise as how I may order this quickly. It will have a special place in my home, after I take it to school and share it and the stories with my students." ~ Joan, FL

"Thank you so much for your beautiful water color of Radium Springs. I grew up in Albany and graduated from AHS in 1957. Your painting has stirred memories of many good times when the casino and springs were at their peak. The last remodel of the casino was done by my uncles, Rushton Brothers Contractors, and adds to the treasure for me.I would like to reserve one of the Artist proofs. Please let me know about payment and shipping. Thank you,
~ Lee English (57)


~ Gail Mitchell ('60)

I am honored you have openly shared your memories with me and am truly touched that my painting pleases you.

All my best,

October 30, 2008

Today I traveled to Colson Art Printing in Valdosta, Georgia to watch the "Radium Springs" limited edition lithographs run. The Heidelberg Speedmaster print press is most impressive. My entire run of 1,000 lithographs was completed within about 15 minutes. Here are several photos taken during the run.

The Heidelberg Speedmaster:

I'm not sure, but this looks curiously like the Heidelberg's "brain?" Several "Radium Springs" prints have already run and are neatly stacked.

Color adjustments are controlled from this panel.

A stack of 1,000 lithographs, ready to be trimmed to size.

Left to right: Raymond Copeland (Pressman), Jean Weiner (Artist), and Mike White (Art Consultant)


I would like to thank Mike White and all the good folks at Colson, for allowing me to be there while my work was on the press. What a fun career day field trip for this artist!!!
~ Jean Weiner, Albany GA






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