Radium Artists

Jean Weiner
Don Fisher


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AHS Alum and Local Artists

This section features both professional artists from Albany High School as well as local artists who saw the beauty and glory of Radium, and painted to pay tribute to "Our Lady of the Springs" through the canvas and through the eye of the camera. 

Many artists have created Radium Springs and Casino on canvas and through photos.  We are fortunate to have talented alumni in our midst. We welcome other Radium artists to submit their creations!

One of the most beautiful creations is the painting of Carlton Huie, Class of 1950.  Before her death, Carlton gave her Radium painting to her dear friend, Evelyn Butler Clifton ('50).  Recently Evelyn donated the painting to Easter Seal's to be placed in the Carlton and Wade Childress Center.  The center honors Carlton and her son, Wade Childress.


Joyce B. Whitfield, wife of Gary Whitfield, AHS Class of 1960, writes, "We have such fond memories, of dating and our children and family and all the fun times at Radium Springs." If any one would like to purchase prints they can email Joyce at littlejoy46@bellsouth.net Orders MUST be paid in advance.

Mail checks or money order to: 4811 Millbrooke Road, Albany, Ga., 31721.  Please add shipping cost to price.

In Albany you may purchase at:

Albany Welcome Center, 112 North Front Street offers matted 8-10 at for $55.00

DIG Garden Center 847 Hwy 82 West, Leesburg, Ga. 31763

Albany Frame Works offers unmatted 8-10's for $45.00; unmatted 11-14's for $95,00; unmatted16-20's for $125.00. 

" Memories of Radium"