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This page is left as it was originally presented ... the loving efforts of a group who tried ... but could not save Radium Casino ... so the City of Albany destroyed a treasure ... but never will they ever be able to strip our memories ... at least not until our generation is gone ... like our beloved Radium.

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  Friends of Radium Springs!!

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June 14, 2003

The Radium Springs Casino Preservation Group met June 13, 2003 and determined that we need your help quickly. We need letters Ö LOTS of letters delivered immediately to our senators and congressman via the U.S. Post Office!!!  We feel the next step in our attempt to save Radium Springs Casino is to let our legislators know how strongly we feel about saving the Casino, and to encourage them to move as rapidly as possible to complete the legislation already begun in the office of Congressman Sanford Bishop.  Once that bill is completed and submitted to The House, Senators Chambliss and Miller will submit one to The Senate.  We donít have much time Ö the demolition is slated to begin this September, according to a published time-line, and completed by December 31, 2003.

If you want to see the Casino remain as a permanent part of the Radium Springs area,



You will find the following information helpful in formulating a letter in your own words.  It would serve our purpose better if our letters do not appear to be form letters.  Therefore the info serves only as a guideline to assist you in writing your own original letter.  Please read carefully, and be as succinct as possible as you tell them:


  • You would like to see the casino remain as a permanent part of Radium Springs.
  • Legislation is being prepared by Representative Sanford Bishop, which will allow the Casino to remain.
  • If you are writing to Rep Bishop: That you truly appreciate the effort he is making to save this significant and beautiful building.
  • If you are writing to Senators Miller or Chambliss:  That you appreciate the prior efforts they have made to save the building. It would be good to note that we need them now more than ever in expediting the passage of appropriate legislation to save the building and that time is running out on us and that if necessary they might need to ask the FEMA and GEMA for another extension of the demolition mandate. 
  • If you are writing to any other senator or congressman: That you are asking that they support the legislation. That time is of the essence of your request because the Casino will be destroyed beyond any hope of salvation if the legislation is not passed and signed by the end of October. 
  • Repeat your request for support for the legislation and thank them for their assistance.

  If you have a personal or business letterhead, please use it. If you donít have a letterhead, just create one in business letterform. Handwritten letters from individuals have more impact. But if you prefer to use a computer or a typewriter, thatís OK.  It is important that these be paper-generated letters and not e-mail. Can you imagine the impact that a staff member walking into the congressman's office with a 6 inch think stack of letters on the same subject?  Our own on Miracle on Radium Springs Road!!!!

Sign the letter in your own personal handwriting, put a stamp on the envelope, and let the U.S. Post Office deliver our voices!

For Dougherty County folks and for AHS students, create separate letters to all three of the following:

Congressman Sanford Bishop
2429 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20515-1002 
  Senator Zell Miller
257 Dirksen Senate Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20510-1006
Senator Saxby Chambliss
416 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20510

Regardless of where you live, we welcome your support.  We encourage you to write your own congressman or senators, and you can get those addresses from the following link:

Be sure to clearly specify what the Radium Springs Casino is and why it is important, if you are not writing to one of the three Georgia legislators.  Also, feel free to forward this to friends who have been touched by the beauty of Radium.  We need your support if the Casino is to remain for this generation and generations to come! 

Thanks for your help.

Radium Springs Casino Preservation Group 

Formed April 12, 2003

A small group interested in the preservation of the Radium Springs Casino met in Albany at Double Gate Country Club on Saturday, April 12, 2003, as guests of Morgan Murphy.  It was another step into the future, a future we hope will include this historical building, loved by so many, for so long. 

In the interest of Radium, two Albany High School alumni, Morgan Murphy and Lamar Clifton, not only created the book, Skywater, featuring history and photos of  Radium, but have worked tirelessly for many years, investing their time, money, and hearts in saving Radium.  Several of us who hold the same desire stepped forward to additionally offer our time, our energy and our hearts, and the Radium Springs Casino Preservation Group was formed on April 12, 2003.

In addition to Morgan and Lamar, those in attendance were Marion Hay, Buster Wasden, Joe Rossman, Lynne Garrison Johnson, Bonnie Dorough, Richard Harper, Sharon Smith Spies, Paul Murray, Bill Mills and Beverly Smith Zacharias. The group was advised that it would take an act of congress to save Radium. Marion Hay and Joe Ed Rossman will generate letters to Sen. Saxby Chambliss, Sen. Zell Miller and Congressman Sanford Bishop asking that they introduce appropriate legislation in the United States Congress which will allow the Casino to be saved.  This letter will be signed by the newly formed committee, the Radium Springs Casino Preservation Group, and submitted personally within the next week or 10 days.  We will seek legal help, if we find it necessary.  Joe Ed, as an attorney, has offered his services as a gift - however, he has suggested that we need legal counsel in the area of property, FEMA, etc.  Hopefully, help will come from Albany.  This is a WORKING committee, chaired by Morgan Murphy, and we welcome anyone interested in giving their time and support to saving the Casino ... people who find it personally repugnant that the magic of Radium could be destroyed by the very city that created it.

RSCG1.jpg (24670 bytes) RSCG2.jpg (29015 bytes) RSCG3.jpg (27806 bytes)
Paul Murray, Morgan Murphy (chair), Richard Harper, Sharon Smith Spies Lamar Clifton, Marion Hay, Bill Mills, Paul Murray Beverly Smith Zacharias, Buster Wasden, Joe Rossman, Lynne Garrison Johnson

New members of the Radium Springs Casino Preservation Group discuss the game plan.

RSCG4.jpg (30728 bytes) RSCG5.jpg (31595 bytes)
Richard Harper, Don Kea, Sharon Smith Spies, Mary Dale Vansant Kea and Joe Ed Rossman Beverly Smith Zacharias, Don Kea, Sharon Smith Spies, Mary Dale Vansant Kea and Joe Ed Rossman

After the meeting several of the members visited Don and Mary Dale Vansant Kea.

RSCG6.jpg (45365 bytes) RSCG7.jpg (40889 bytes) RSCG8.jpg (48141 bytes)
Pavillion gone ... View into Springs - water above island! The jaws of death ... waiting ...
RSCG9.jpg (52395 bytes) RSCG10.jpg (35372 bytes) RSCG11.jpg (47583 bytes)
Steps to nowhere ... Sidewalk to upper patio ... More views ...
RSCG12.jpg (37754 bytes) RSCG13.jpg (43932 bytes) RSCG14.jpg (41029 bytes)
Island and bridge under water Diving pier More ...
RSCG15.jpg (33695 bytes) RSCG16.jpg (34921 bytes)  
No diving!!! She is sadly in need of us ...  

Radium Springs and Casino, April 12, 2003

RSCG17.jpg (36023 bytes) RSCG18.jpg (36618 bytes)
Richard Harper, Beverly Smith Zacharias, Sharon Smith Spies,  and Joe Ed Rossman AHS Alums: Richard Harper(54), Sharon Smith Spies (58), Joe Ed Rossman (55) and Keith Wright (80) who asked if we were part of the destroy Radium Committee - we answered ... NO!  We are a part of the SAVE RADIUM COMMITTEE!  Nice to meet a new comrade!!!

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